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  • Name: Lindsay Michael O'Leary
  • Occupation: Web and Digital Designer/Marketer
  • Last big project:
  • Current city: London UK
  • Email:
  • Favorite ice cream: Pistachio

Professional Profile

I’m a digital marketer, web/graphic designer, project manager, and a glass artist with more than a decade of nonprofit/charity management experience. I’m a collaborator, a planner, a maker. I hold an MBA with a specialization in Project Management from Carlow University and BA double-major in music (violin performance) and environmental studies (GIS [geographic information systems]) from Denison University.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2016 March - 2016 Now


Project and Studio Manager

• Manage all projects at a digital design agency offering custom online collection/content management systems for museums and cultural organisations across three continents.
• Plan project life-cycle timelines and deliverables — from signed contract to launch — using agile and PRINCE2 methodologies.
• Lead daily status update meetings focusing on prioritisation, problem solving, and task assignment.
• Establish company-wide procedures and best practises for site maintenance and user support requests.
• Plan and manage daily frontend and backend maintenance tasks, liaising between clients and developers to track and resolve issues.
• Identify and elaborate best possible product options for end users, clients, and team.

2014 February - 2015 December

Carlow University

Director of Web Communications and Social Media

• Team lead and project manager of the responsive redesign for Eight-month website project launched early and under budget in December 2015.
• Managed the 2,500+ page university website including coordinating 100+ page updates each week including metadata, information architecture, analytics, copywriting, photography, video, and graphic design.
• Directed user experience and functionality of increasing visitors by 25% from 2014 to 2015.
• Advised 60 departments across campus in the creation and maintenance of web pages and digital technologies.
• Created the university’s first official social media policy. Led strategy and best practices for the university’s 20+ official social media accounts increasing Carlow’s impressions by 21%.

2012 October - 2014 February

Carlow University

Web Content Editor

• Created and edited content (editorial, photographs, embedded forms, graphic design elements, video) for Carlow’s website which launched August 2013. As one-half of a two-person team, created more than 10,500 content items.
• Lead contributing photographer for the university including campus landscape, ceremonies, head shots, performances, and special events.
• Social media manager and content creator for Carlow University’s official Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts.
• Speaking: Invited talk on Project Management at Museums in the Web 2012, TechNow 2012, and course guest lectures at Carnegie Mellon University.

2010 July - 2012 September

Mattress Factory Museum

Communications and Digital Media Manager

• Project Manager of p{art}icipate: an active archive, an ongoing effort to use new media and an updated ontology to document the history of the world’s first installation museum and invite user participation in the documentation process.
• Created content and managed all of the organization’s web initiatives (website, blog, artist interviews, e-commerce site, and social media platforms).
• Established and maintained contact with local, national, and international media.
• Wrote and distributed information (press releases, fact sheets, photographs, biweekly digital newsletters, etc.) to media and community.
• Speaking: Invited talk on p{art}icipate at WebWise 2012, course guest lectures at Carnegie Mellon and Chatham Universities. Teaching: Mentored two CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute student teams on new media capstone projects.

2007 May - 2010 July

Mattress Factory Museum

Membership Coordinator + Development Assistant

• Executed graphic/web design including event announcement cards, exhibition materials, major fundraiser invitations, and quarterly newsletters.
• Initiated the first paperless membership offered at any museum in the United States; currently, more than a third of all Mattress Factory memberships are paperless.
• Single-handedly ran the annual fund, increasing revenue threefold 2006 to 2010 by implementing multiple mailings and digital donation requests.
• Co-wrote and assisted with grant requests to public and private agencies ranging from $500-$200,000. Maintained application and reporting schedule.

2004 September - 2007 May

Pittsburgh Glass Center

Registrar + Program Associate + Webmaster

• Managed and updated website:
• Registered over 1,000 students annually for classes in four glass studios.
• Designed exhibition announcement cards, catalogs, and invitations.
• Coordinated open studio rentals in the four glass studios.

Studies and Such


2013 August - 2015 August

Carlow University

M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), concentration in Project Management

Presented at the 2014 & 2015 Graduate Colloquia with Enrique Mu, PhD, as faculty sponsor. I have a project management concentration with experiential learning and courses adhering to Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines through the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

B.A., Environmental Studies, concentration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – Denison University
B.A., Music, concentration in Violin – Denison University
Art, concentration in Glassblowing coursework – Cleveland Institute of Art


  • Kristin Raup

    Pittsburgh Foundation

    Donor Experience Manager. “During her first days at Carlow University, Lindsay was thrown right in the middle of a website redesign project and didn’t miss a beat. Because of a prolonged I.T. snafu, for her first three weeks on the job she had no access to the new website. So what did she do? She took a ton of great photographs to grow the collection, started storyboarding ideas for future video projects, and wrote as much web copy as possible and saved it until she had site access, keeping the schedule on track. She was the best hire I’ve ever made!”

  • Nina Barbuto


    Founder and Director. “Constant and steadfast, Lindsay is a meticulous worker. She is very considerate of those working with her, going above and beyond her role to ensure the success of a project even in her absence. Committed and competent, she is eloquently professional and a key player to any organization, company, or team. Working with Lindsay is a pleasure and an inspiration.”

  • Heather McElwee

    Pittsburgh Glass Center

    Executive Director. “When Lindsay worked at PGC she wore many hats and always managed to balance her multitude of varied tasks efficiently and effectively. As the Registrar she dealt with people on a daily basis and her cheerful style was totally engaging. As the Program Associate and Webmaster she needed to be detail oriented and able to prioritize activities. Her writing abilities are suburb and she is well organized and a self-starter. I know that any task put before her will be handled efficiently and completely. I would recommend Lindsay without hesitation.”

Art / Work


  • + >


    Für epileptikur was featured in New Glass Review 26

  • + >

    Interactive Art

    Pedaling Backwards, Moving Forward: How to lose 100 pounds in 365 days was part of the Mattress Factory's Gestures exhibition in 2009

  • + >

    Glass Art Installation

    "The Only Land I Own" was a glass grass installation on view at the Pittsburgh Glass Center's Hodge Gallery

  • + >

    2,500+ page higher education website

  • + >

    Arts nonprofit website including event and donation functionality

  • + >

    Wedding website with blog and photo gallery

Glass and Pills

Für epileptikur


Glass (blown, sandblasted), wood, epoxy, pills, 2005

Für epileptikur is a glass piece that represented my relationship with the medication Carbatrol. It was displayed at the Pittsburgh Glass Center's Hodge Gallery. This piece was included in publication in New Glass Review 26, the international annual survey of glass in contemporary art, architecture, craft, and design.


Interactive Art Installation

Pedaling Backwards, Moving Forward: How to lose 100 pounds in 365 days

​Pedaling Backwards, Moving Forward: How to lose 100 pounds in 365 days

Materials: stationary bicycle, generators, motors, lights, wood, plastic, paint
Mattress Factory Museum

This scale model of my childhood home represents my old self and old habits. For 31 years, I had been twice the size of an average person. From birth (12lbs 4oz) to adulthood (250-275lbs), I had resigned to the fact I would always be the size of two people. Last July, a medical mystery was solved. With the help of a bicycle and medicine, I lost 100 pounds during the past year.


Glass Installation

The Only Land I Own

"The Only Land I Own"

Group Exhibition at the Pittsburgh Glass Center's Hodge Gallery
Glass, floral foam, dirt

The Only Land I Own consisted of hundreds of sculpted pieces of solid-worked glass configured in a way to reflect a tiny patch of wild lawn. The blades varied greatly in height, from 6" to 36". Photo by Nathan J Shaulis

The award for perseverance as well as innovative use of material must go to Lindsay O'Leary's "The Only Land I Own," an installation comprising a few hundred clear green, glass grass blades, some 3 feet high, each handmade and hand-placed. They naturalistically reach up, twist and bend, like an unruly early spring lawn.

Mary Thomas, Post-Gazette, Art Critic

Higher Ed Website

Higher Education Website

  • receives half a million pageviews each month
  • 2,500+ individual web pages
  • 12,000 content items from photos to forms to course descriptions
  • The website represents more than 70 departments campus-wide

During her first days at Carlow University, Lindsay was thrown right in the middle of a website redesign project and didn’t miss a beat. Because of a prolonged I.T. snafu, for her first three weeks on the job she had no access to the new website. So what did she do? She took a ton of great photographs to grow the collection, started storyboarding ideas for future video projects, and wrote as much web copy as possible and saved it until she had site access, keeping the schedule on track.

Kristin Raup, Director of Web Communications until 2/2014, Carlow University homepage

Nonprofit Arts Website

Rebuilt the Artists Image Resource website during a web-a-thon weekend during the summer of 2014. Updates to the site from the previous version include responsive web design, a dynamic event calendar, many new photos and visuals, and a thoughtful information architecture.

Artists Image Resource Website

Wedding Website

A website for a Zimbabwean wedding

A wedding website including a blog and a photo gallery.

Wedding Website

What I am good at

Skills & Knowledge

Software/Web Knowledge

Various Web CMS (from Ektron to WordPress)94%
Digital Marketing + ECommerce + Online Forms92%
Google Analytics + AdWords + Market Targeting Optimisation91%
Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator87%
Project Management (Basecamp, MS Project, TeamGantt, Trello)86%
Database Management73%
Video Editing: Final Cut Pro + iMovie63%


Graphic Design USA Award 2014

American Web Design Awards 2014
Carlow University Social Media Refresh

IABC/Pittsburgh Award 2013

International Association of Business Communicators; Carlow Social Media Refresh

Alcoa Leadership Grantee

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
Alcoa Foundation Leadership Grants for Arts Managers Recipient 2011


Art + Tech +





Hobbies & Interests

  • Art


    I blow glass and I make installation art.

  • Renovating


    I'm pretty handy and I enjoy restoring old homes in unique ways.

  • Technology


    I love technology. I'm a terrible programmer, but I'm getting better each day.

  • Photography


    I take photos.

  • Volunteering


    I support arts charities/nonprofits, like Artists Image Resource.

  • Travel


    A rule since I was 22: No matter my income, I make it out of the country at least once a year.

  • Curiosity


    I'm ever-curious and think Wikipedia is way better than sliced bread.

  • Running


    Rabbits run about 20x faster than me, but I still fancy running anyway.

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